Cryptocurrency is on its way to success since its inception into the digital world. This is an online currency that has the potential of making huge leaps regarding its value. Recently its peak value was 20 thousand dollars for one coin only. The high demand and short supply are making it more attractive for the interested community.

Expert Opinion About Cryptocurrency Business

People are involved in million and billion-dollar businesses through this digital currency, especially bitcoins. But according to many experts, cryptocurrency is a bubble that will burst very soon. In their opinion, the volatile nature of the currency will never let its values stay at such a high level. So, very soon, all the businesses that run on digital currency will become bankrupt.

To prove the fairness of the arguments, a survey was conducted in which two big entrepreneurs who invest in big cryptocurrency markets, such as, wallet investors, were contacted to determine the real value of this business.


The BizX business is not actually working with the real cryptocurrency; rather they are using US dollars on the blockchain. Now what they do is that they offer products and services to the other people in their network and get their payment in the form of BizX dollars.

According to the business owners of BizX, the factor of volatility is not there in their case. So, it is not threatening for them as well as for their customers to use the same system but with US dollars currency. They said that their BizX currency would grow more and more in the future. It is, in fact, a cryptocurrency with a difference of only a volatile nature. They suggest that with time, maybe the BizX cryptocurrency will be introduced in the market as the most stable cryptocurrency.


This business has a basic theme which is to promote education and assistance to the refugees coming to their country from other regions. They say that after completing a course, these people will be given a token of these currencies that they will be able to exchange for goods and services in the future in the open market.

According to the business owners, they are taking into account the importance of both cryptocurrency and the blockchain as well. The decentralized system is helping them in the storage of the biometric data, the health records and the status of refugees. For them, it is very helpful in running their business for the people coming from outside. These trained people will then help them to accommodate the new refugees in the country, and the cycle will go on and on.

In other words, they are using this currency and its real value for the noble cause and for them it holds great importance. They say that this bubble will not burst.

Just like any other new idea, the idea of using cryptocurrency for business purposes will sometimes sink and will sometimes swim. But, surely one day, this is going to rise forever.